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A balanced formula, of the new generation "clean and green", created harmonizing nature and science, which ensures a perfect result without compromise, in full respect of the skin and hair! Specially developed WITHOUT PPD and WITHOUT RESORCIN and using MINIMAL AMMONIA LEVELS. with the aim of creating a kinder and safer formula for you designers and for your customers.

Coloring becomes a real wellness treatment for the hair, thanks to the innovative KV TECHNOLOGY, able to nourish and moisturize the hair fiber, giving new life and brightness to the hair. KV technology is based on a rich complex based on Vegetable Keratin, consisting of amino acids with particular affinity for keratin present in the hair fiber; these amino acids intervene on damaged hair sites, plumping it and making its surface smoother and more homogeneous. We must also remember that a homogeneous and smooth surface is brighter and brighter than a damaged surface!

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